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January 23, 2013
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Textures - WaterColor Mayhem by So-ghislaine Textures - WaterColor Mayhem by So-ghislaine
Textures - WaterColor Mayhem
I made these watercolor textures for the 'Texture Your World Contest', you can find the contest journal below. In the Zip you'll find 3 large watercolor textures you may use. I made these watercolor paintings look a bit messy. Because they had to say something about me, it's always a chaos in my head.

Texture Your World ContestTell us the story of your world in textures!
We are surrounded 24 hours a day by objects that have texture, they may be smooth or bobbly, old or new, bold, bright, shiny or dull. You might see a texture every day and never notice it until you start looking. Do you sit at a desk that's textured, or pass an interesting tree on the way to work or school?
We want you, in the form of a triptych (thats 3 images forming a larger image see example here - ) to tell us the story of your textured world. Each individual texture should stand on its own, both as a useful resource and as a cohesive part of the whole story. What story you tell through your texture triptych is up to you - but they must be textures that tell a story of your world in some way.
There are 3 categories for this contest, each of which you can submit to twice.
Digital stock
These are textures created digitally by

- You may share the link to this pack, but DO NOT repost or repack my resources on deviantart or any other website.
- You may use these textures here and outside DA, click on download for the zip file.
- Credit or my deviantart if you use one or more of these textures.
- Send me note if you want these for commercial use.
- You are not allowed to use these textures to create your own resources.

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Thank you for using my resources! very lovely work!
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