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April 7, 2013


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Resources - April

Sun Apr 7, 2013, 2:22 AM
These are resources I faved and like!


Wallpaper Textures #1 by RandBGraphics

Free Bokeh texture pack 1 by DianaGrigore Texture pack 'Miscellaneous', 600 x 750 pixel. by Silviabilia Pack 33 by accio-glow Random textures 1 by VeryHapppyPanda #7 Icon texture pack - Pandora's box by Evey-V #6 icon texture pack - Taste da rainbow! by Evey-V RBF 4.13 grunge experiments unrestricted by rosebfischer paper texture by Sh.Blaauw by BLAAUW000 TexturePack#36-jaehos by seunghor 9 Texture/Stock Images by AvalonsArt <da:thumb id="358551330"/> Textures 27 by accio-glow Pack 31 by accio-glow Pack 32 by accio-glow texture pack #13 by tanja92 #2 Large Texture set - Light me up! by Evey-V  Free Dream Textures by ibjennyjenny Electric Blue by fraustuermerTextures - Blurred by Defreve texture pack 04 by amidnighteaparty Texture Pack by huruekrn-ackles Texture Set 18 by diastereomer #14 Texture Pack (1024x768) - Semblance Of Reality by Ainhel Texture Pack 5 by huruekrn-ackles Pack 7 by kagomechan20  <da:thumb id="363301802"/>  <da:thumb id="358709776"/>New collection pack 2* by BTTRFLYKISSIcon mask textures by gracefuldesigns


Concrete Pattern 5.0 by Sed-rah-Stock
<da:thumb id="361294563"/> <da:thumb id="360905519"/>  Floral Patterns. by AlittlelamePatterns by me by art-psds-junk   Retro Colors-Patterns/Motivos by Thearchetypes  Patterns-flowers-02-v6#1 by Risorse-Di-GraficaPatterns-flowers-02v6#1-09 by Risorse-Di-Grafica


12 Large Bokeh Brushes by pstutorialsws

Random Brushes - 0104 by Missesglass Cute Flowers Free Bsrus Set by Romenig Tentacles by taviskaron <da:thumb id="363284955"/> Masks 327 by myjupiterstar Radio Brush by veredgf <da:thumb id="361089362"/> 30 Lense Flare Brushes by nadaimages TC - E P I C A - I by TreehouseCharms


Skin - 5 Retouching Actions by pstutorialsws

Actions pack 04 (Light Leak) by Discopada Prestalgia - 10 Retro Effects with Light Leaks by pstutorialsws Back To You by Bourniio Action 005 - Nostalgia by eliska-olsanska Whimisical CURVES SET by candypow <da:thumb id="359241607"/>
Winter Mist Photoshop Action by Welton-Arruda Fashion Beauty Actions Set by FP-Digital-Art <da:thumb id="363457855"/> <da:thumb id="363207527"/>
Rose action by MagicalMoment Triangular Mosaic Effect - PHOTOSHOP ACTION by FashionVictim89 <da:thumb id="363207527"/> PSD Pack - 4 Effects (FREE) by friabrisa
PSD 28 - Sunset by KrypteriaHG Psd Give me love. by JustAwesomeSilence PACK 2 PSD 'Vintage fresh' (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Heavensinyoureyes Psd for -Graphic Advanced by Menliebuteyestell PSD PACK 6 Retro effects. by Heavensinyoureyes PSD Coloration - High Fashion #6 by Picanta PICANTA-psd8001 by Picanta Photoshop Color play effects by lieveheersbeestje


Jewel of the North3 by 13-Melissa-Salvatore

<da:thumb id="360702294"/> <da:thumb id="359004675"/> blossom by JaeJadeColours of Autumn - Stock by MariaAmanda Colours of Autumn - Stock by MariaAmanda navy dress 2 by M-Twins Mercenary Princess by EmeraldVenom-Stock Mercenary Princess by EmeraldVenom-Stock On Ice - Stock by MariaAmanda Medieval Gate by Wesley-Souza green leaves png by JaeJade 20120802 png by JaeJade red flowers png by Fairylandalse <da:thumb id="348955109"/><da:thumb id="348954119"/>feathers PNG by dark-dragon-stockFREE RENDERS by BobbyperuxDaydream Wings - Black by Thy-Darkest-HourJackdaw1 Masked Stock by FrankAndCarySTOCKPng Floating Terrain by Moonglowlilly

Enjoy & don't forget to read the rules of usage.

Skin by Ikue (modified by So-ghislaine)
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